March Gluten Free Skincare Favorites!

7 Apr


2013 was a bit of a complete revamp of what I was using to care for my skin. My skin completely changed early last year into combination skin and what I was using, no longer worked, I had redness and lots of breakouts that showed no sign of healing up! Things have stabilized now (thank goodness!) and my skin completely cleared up! After months of trying different products, and trying to find products that were gluten free and as natural as possible, here are the clear winners that helped work it all out.. Read More

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Can I eat gluten free at an All Inclusive Resort?!

19 Mar


 The Hilton Puerto Vallarta

My hubby and I haven’t had a proper holiday since our Honeymoon, and were badly in need of some total do nothing-ness. I’ve always enjoyed All Inclusives in the past, but now that my body attacks itself every time I eat a tiny morsel of gluten, eating at an all inclusive I figured would either be a total dream, or a complete disaster! Read More

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January Gluten Free Favorites!

7 Feb


Looking back at January, these are the items that were the clear winners for me. A rather random bunch but definitely what kept my month Gluten Free and delicious! Read More

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Gluten Free Crispy Lettuce Wraps!

28 Jan

We’re not huge on salads over here, maybe its because every time we eat out, the waiter delightfully tells me, ‘oh gluten free, you can eat any of the salads!!’.  Thanks! Read More

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The Lowdown on how Giada de Laurentiis ACTUALLY eats..

10 Jan

 IMG_0730 Read More

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2013 Makeup Favorites!

7 Jan


2013 Gluten Free Beauty Favorites!

Don’t you just love watching/reading 2013 Favorites! I get a bit lost at times when reading through all my favorite blog’s daily picks, but with Best of 2013, you know your getting the reel deal on what’s worth investing in. So without further ado, here are my makeup and skincare items that I adore, couldn’t live without, would most certainly have on a desert island, and have used every single day of 2013! Read More

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2013 Gluten Free FAVORITES!

2 Jan


2013 is over and what a year it has been! It’s the year Gluten Free Cheri was born for one thing. GFC is a documentation of all the things I’ve been loving and learning that have kept me sane Read More

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How to stay Gluten Free at ~Dinner Parties~

28 Dec

View More:

You feel amazing since going gluten free right? More energy than ever, a happy intestinal tract, no more wheat belly bloat! You work so hard to keep this dirty little protein out of your diet. Way to go!! Seriously give yourself a BIG pat on the back.            Read More

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Gluten Free Cookie~ Battle Royale!!

20 Dec


(GoGo Quinoa Chocolate Chip Cookies, Enjoy Life Cookies, and Pamela’s Chocolate Chip Cookies)

It snowed twice as much last night as they had predicted and our road is never plowed until about day 3. So I’m officially free to veg, watch winter movies, drink hot chocolate (I currently have a homemade almond milk white hot chocolate at my side:)) and dream up new blog posts! Read More

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Luxurious High Pigment Certified Gluten Free BITE Lipstick!

18 Dec


You may have read in one of my recent posts that I’m a big Bite Beauty fan. It’s great that there are more and more makeup companies recognizing that women do care about the ingredients in the cosmetics they put on their skin!


Read More

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