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Gluten Free Makeup!

25 Jun


If you are gluten sensitive, have an allergy, or celiac disease, you probably should make sure your makeup especially your foundation and lipstick are gluten free, as these products are easily ingested.

I have tried a few different ones. My current favorite is Natural FX  by Cover FX. Not only is it gluten free but it does not contain, parabens, fragrance, mineral oil, or talc. Their products contain good for you ingredients like vitamin C and E, and claim that their products improve the condition of your skin over time. Its got a full coverage finish, so a little goes a long way.I would say if you have dry skin, to make sure you use a heavy moisturizer underneath to get that great luminous finish that this product offers. I also LOVE Cover FX Lip Gloss, it is so nice to know that something is truly 100% gluten free when you are smearing it all over your lips. Their lip gloss gives an amazing minty tingle that feels sublime.


I happen to love makeup and I don’t want to feel restricted just because I can’t ingest gluten. I have found certain companies to be easier to deal with than others. For example when I email Clinique about whether their products contain gluten it can take months to hear back from them. I just think thats pretty bad customer service right right? Am I crazy? I email other companies and they manage to get back to me within two days! Below are a few of my favorite cosmetic companies based on their knowledge of their own product’s ingredients and response time.

Smashbox, Make Up Forever, and Canadian based company, Marcelle are great to deal with. I love MUFE’s HD Foundation, it is pretty awesome, but pricey:( It is always a good idea to call the company that make your makeup every year to ensure that your fav products are in fact still gluten free. Although some companies do advise that there may be cross contamination in the labs where it is formulated.


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Reeses Peach Raspberry Trifle!

19 Jun


Peach Rasberry Reeses Bar Trifle

My hubby says trifle is the best dessert in the whole world hands down. I think I agree.  When we are having guests over and I don’t know what to make, this is always what I end up making. But I love to change it up, this last time I added a couple Reeses bars to the trifle and it added a fantastic chocolate peanut butter layer. Gluten free trifle is no problem thanks to Kinnikinnik’s awesome angel food cake mix, it really tastes exactly like the angel food cake I remember…
Kinnikinnik Gluten Free Angel Food Cake Mix


Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

You will need:

Gluten Free Angel Food Cake Mix

Vanilla Pudding, or any flavor you like

Whipping Cream

A couple of your favorite chocolate bars, skor is prob my fav that I’ve tried

Fruit, I love peaches, raspberries, mango, blueberries..


This is why parchment paper is so great for baking!


Tear up angel food cake and layer it anyway you like. Let it sit overnite for perfect moistness. I like to make individual ones too.


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Cashew Chicken Stirfry

12 Jun


Want to spice up the ol’ stirfry?!,  This one will for sure-zees..We have some intense flavors here people, ginger, pepper flakes, honey, and gluten free soy sauce. The key to this receipe is LOTSA ginger as much as you like, and letting the sauce sit on the chicken for a few hours first as long as possible, gives the chicken great color and amazing flavor.  Yum!



Cashew Chicken

2-3 c boneless skinless chicken breast or thighs cut into small pieces

2-3 Peppers any color

1 medium onion

3 green onions

1/2 c cashews



1/3 c Braggs Soy Seasoning

3 tbsp Honey

1 tsp red pepper flakes (or less if your sensitive to heat)

4 cloves garlic cloves crushed

2 inch piece of ginger

1 tbsp oil


Get out a medium size bowl, place raw chicken in it.Wash all your veggies. Cut ginger into strips as thin as possible, add to chicken, add 1/4 soy sauce, honey, flakes, garlic, mix together so all the chicken is coated well, add more honey, soy sauce if you need to. Cover with a lid or cerane, and put in the fridge for overnight or even just a few hours so the chicken can absorb the intense flavors.

Broil the cashews on low on a baking pan for 5 minutes, watching the whole time till they just start to brown. Set aside.

Heat a pan on medium-high, add the chicken and cook thru, remove. Clean the pan or use another pan to saute the veggies briefly keep them crispy. Add the rest of the soy sauce, while cooking veggies. Add cooked chicken, stir through. Place green onions and cashews on top and serve with rice!

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Power Salad

4 Jun

I made this salad with the current leftovers I had and it turned out great! It’s a beautiful, nutrient rich, vegetarian salad, that will give you tons of energy..makes for a yummy lunch or dinner.


Edaname Kale Salad (Leftover Salad)


1 bunch Kale

2 c Yam

1 c Edaname

1 c cooked Green Beans


3 tbsp Olive Oil or Coconut Oil

4 tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar

2 tbsp Maple Syrup, to taste

Salt & Pepper


If your yam is not cooked already, slice it up into cubes and bake  at 375 for 20-25 mins. Steam the Kale for a couple of minutes to soften it up. Place a handful of spinach in a salad bowl, add the steamed Kale, add chopped up Yam pieces, edaname, beans, mix your dressing ingredients and drizzle on top, voila!


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