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March Gluten Free Skincare Favorites!

7 Apr


2013 was a bit of a complete revamp of what I was using to care for my skin. My skin completely changed early last year into combination skin and what I was using, no longer worked, I had redness and lots of breakouts that showed no sign of healing up! Things have stabilized now (thank goodness!) and my skin completely cleared up! After months of trying different products, and trying to find products that were gluten free and as natural as possible, here are the clear winners that helped work it all out.. […]

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January Gluten Free Favorites!

7 Feb


Looking back at January, these are the items that were the clear winners for me. A rather random bunch but definitely what kept my month Gluten Free and delicious! […]

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Gluten Free Crispy Lettuce Wraps!

28 Jan

We’re not huge on salads over here, maybe its because every time we eat out, the waiter delightfully tells me, ‘oh gluten free, you can eat any of the salads!!’.  Thanks! […]

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The Lowdown on how Giada de Laurentiis ACTUALLY eats..

10 Jan

 IMG_0730 […]

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2013 Makeup Favorites!

7 Jan


2013 Gluten Free Beauty Favorites!

Don’t you just love watching/reading 2013 Favorites! I get a bit lost at times when reading through all my favorite blog’s daily picks, but with Best of 2013, you know your getting the reel deal on what’s worth investing in. So without further ado, here are my makeup and skincare items that I adore, couldn’t live without, would most certainly have on a desert island, and have used every single day of 2013! […]

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A Fancy French Cake

10 Dec


Gluten Free French Apple Cake here Mesdames et Messieurs! As the name of this blog indicates, we just love, well, French anything really! It just feels like French desserts in particular have such an air of refinement about them. Can you imagine a little gluten free Parisian Cafe filled with little fruit tarts, and madeleines, napoleons and croissants?! We would ride our baby blue basketed bicycles, wear polka dot tights and little leather gloves to sip a cup of fine tea, alongside petit rainbow macarons…Ohhlala….


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Korean Inspired Gluten Free Noodles

19 Nov


Is Korean Food gluten free? […]

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Top Beauty Picks

2 Nov

We are careful about what we put on our skin, here are our favorites:


Cover F/X CC Cream// This cream is like a foundation coverage-wise. It’s creamy, but not at all greasy, doesn’t sink into creases, works effectively at improving skin tone and is gluten free, with lot’s of good for your skin ingredients. It comes in cool, neutral and yellow skin tones. You can order the cream at or buy at Shopper’s Drug Mart if you live in Canada.


IMG_0229Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream & Rose Day Cream Light// These are wonderful creams, loaded with healthy ingredients. Perfect for winter, they will make even the driest skin glow. Dr. Hauschka’s products are certified natural and their treatments are based on a holistic philosophy.    Their  7 Facts that will Change your Skin, is very interesting, check it out.

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Top Products Picks

1 Nov

After trying many different products, GFC has found that certain products perform miles ahead of the rest and we keep using them again and again. Only the best of the best make it into the Heather’s Top Picks category.


Pamela’s Gluten Free Pancake and Baking Mix –  It has the perfect combo of gluten free flours making it perfect for super light muffins, cakes and pancakes, it will save you time and maybe even money searching for all the flours separately. This is the best mix we’ve found.


IMG_0250Sabatasso’s Pizzeria Gluten Free Pizza Crust– the best crust we may have ever had! Thin crispy and soft. Making a homemade gluten free pizza crust is time consuming, very tricky and probably wont save you any money since this one retails at $12 for two large crusts.


IMG_0439Braggs All Purpose Liquid Soy Seasoning– a great alternative to wheat filled Soy Sauce, but it also works well in many different dishes for added flavour.





Sky Valley Sriracha– this is a certified organic, gluten free Sriracha that is amazing!




(This list is subject to change as we keep testing and trying out new products.)


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Gluten Free Apple Fritters!

22 Oct


 Is apple season more exciting than pumpkin season? Quite possibly… What makes this year extra special is our matured apple tree in the backyard, it sprinkles the ground each day with organic tart + sweet apples. I am stoked to have the predicament of too many apples, because really, there is no such thing, I don’t think I’ve ever tasted something with apples that I didn’t like. Hmm…nope can’t think of anything….


6 months ago I would have said a fritter would never be something I would ever attempt to do gluten free, but then I started using Pamela’s Baking Mix…it’s inspired me.

 I actually came across this recipe on, it looked easy enough, so I gave it a go. After my husband came home and ate three in a row, I was certain these were a success. Light and fluffy inside, and crispy outside. A good baking flour mix is so important, and I sometimes go to three different stores just to get all the varieties that I like, however when you can just use one product that’s really good, you save a lot of time and mullah.


 I added even more apple to this recipe than it calls for, the more the better as long as the dough is still sticking together.

What you need:



Olive Oil or Canola

2 tbsp butter

1-1/2 cups chopped apples

1-1/2 cups Pamela’s Baking & Pancake Mix

1/2 cup sugar

1/2 cup milk

1 egg

1 tsp baking powder

1/2 tsp salt

1 tsp cinnamon


2 cups powdered sugar

1 tsp cinnamon

2 tbsp water


In a large bowl, mix fritter ingredients (first 9). Mix well. Set aside. In another bowl, mix glaze ingredients and set aside. Pour 1 inch extra virgin olive oil in pan (heat until oil stays bubbly when food is added, NOT boiling). Drop small spoonfuls of mixture into oil, let cook about five minutes per side. Drain for a few minutes . Use lots of paper towel to absorb extra oil). Drizzle with glaze mixture.

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